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You wouldn’t know how durable your roofs are until you discover they leak. It is normal for roofs to degrade over time, though. But Rick's Roofing & Construction can provide you with more durable ones. We are a roofing contractor you can rely on if you’re a homeowner in Collinsville, TX. We’ll take care of your roofs and make sure you don’t spend too much on installment and repairs.

Roofing is essential in every home. That is why it’s important that roofs be built to withstand different weather conditions. Your roof is your primary layer of protection from heat, rain, and snow, after all. And when you’ve got concerns with them, we are the roofing company you can turn to.

We have been in the roofing industry for 21 years. Our experience as a roofing contractor in Collinsville, TX has given us sufficient roofing expertise to serve you better. We can give you quality services, from roof inspection to recommendations. You deserve services that are fast and efficient. And in no time, you will get functional roofs above your head.

Why You Need Our Services

Our team of experts in Rick's Roofing & Construction can deliver what you ask for. Whether it’s large or small-scale roof repair that you need, we can attend to your demands with our latest equipment. We can guarantee that your roof is in good hands. Also, we can install the gutters for you. This is to make sure you pay for a deal that’s worth your time and money.

We are the roofing contractor that you need when it comes to extensive residential roofing. Our pace will depend on the repairs your roof would need. Rest assured, we can deliver what you ask from us on time.

Your satisfaction is important to us. More so, we know that roofs does a crucial role for every home. That is why we do our job to give you the protection you need the soonest time possible. If you ever need our services today, call us at (903) 651-1052.